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Our Misty Fjords Tour is our most popular! The Misty Fjords (Misty Fiords) National Monument is a 2.2 million acre park which was carved by glaciers some 10,000 years ago. During our 1 hour, 30 minute tour, you will see a myriad of crystal clear alpine lakes gouged out by those very glaciers. Saltwater fjords surrounded by sheer granite walls are alive with waterfalls cascading down thousands of feet.

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Misty Fjords 

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      Halfway through the tour we will land within the Monument for a stopover. This gives you time to stretch your legs, take some pictures, and breathe in some of the purest air on the planet. Unbelievably scenery will surround you. This may be one of the most peaceful and breathtaking times of your life. This trip will be a memory you will long remember. An extra bonus during this flight are voice activated headsets. These give you the opportunity to talk with Jeff or your traveling companions while quiet music plays in the background. No boring pre-recorded tape explains what you are seeing in that irritating monotone voice! Jeff will be your personal tour guide throughout this amazing experience. He can answer your questions while sharing with you his beautiful home in Southeast Alaska.

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            Carlin Air packs the beauty of Ketchikan and Misty Fjords into an enjoyable flight for everyone.

  • "I wanted to thank you for the brilliant time we had with Jeff when he took us to the Misty Fjords. It was a totally amazing experience and one all of us will never forget. One of the pictures that we took when we were on the pontoon we are having it blown up and put onto canvas it was so beautiful. Thank you too, for all the help you gave us up to the time we arrived, you were fantastic and should we ever venture your way again we will certainly look you up and take another trip. It was a real pleasure meeting you, thanks again."

    Sue Hayes