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About Ketchikan, Alaska Bush Pilot, Jeff Carlin and Carlin Air

Jeff Carlin is a Ketchikan born and raised Alaskan bush pilot with over 3 decades of flying experience in Alaska. The Carlin family has lived in southeast Alaska for the better part of 60 years.

Bush Pilot Jeff Carlin

As an avid outdoorsman, Jeff spends much of his free time flying into remote areas for camping, fishing and hunting excursions. His life style combined with his professional experience allows for extensive local knowledge and piloting skills. Providing a knowledge that can only be acquired through decades of flying through various cycles of Alaskan weather. As a result, Carlin Air is able to offer safer flights and charter flights to areas which most other local air services are unwilling to provide.

Due to Jeff's piloting skills and impeccable safety record, Carlin Air is the air taxi of choice by local residents, the US Department of Interior, and Alaska Department of Fish and Game requiring such piloting skills. Whether you are needing remote area drop off and pickup for hunting, canoeing, a fishing expedition, Misty Fjords Tour, go bear watching, or simply experience the joys of flying in a float plane. You'll have the peace of mind knowing that your are flying with a highly skilled pilot with unique knowledge of the area.

  • "Walking the streets of Ketchikan on Friday May 31, a young man called out "would either of you like a float plane ride?" Without a moment's hesitation, I said yes. Next thing I knew I was running to a waiting van to transfer us to the float plane. I had only given him my credit card. He said I would have the receipt upon returning from the flight. I was flying high even before we reached the aircraft! A dream come true!

    It most certainly was the highlight of the cruise ship week!....

    I want to thank Laura for taking my call when returning to the ship and for sending me information on Carlin Air and a beautiful brochure of the Misty Fjords National Monument Wilderness. Also, thanks to Jeff Carlin for making the float plane ride a very special trip!"

    Margo Graf
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