Bear viewing with a Misty Fjords tour!

Bears of Misty Fjords

This 2 hour tour of the Misty Fjords is designed especially to look for bears in their natural habitat. The pilot will show you the beauty of the Misty Fjords while keeping an eye out for bears. He will land near the bears and you will be able to view them from the floats of the airplane.

Offered May 1 through June 30
Adults $329.00
Children under 12 $289.00
(4 person minimum)

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Misty Fjords bear viewing tours from Ketchikan

Foot Notes

•Although bear sightings are common, they are not guaranteed; nor can we guarantee how close the animals will be to you.

•Shoreline excursions are not permitted by the USFS within the National Monument, so all wildlife photos during this tour are taken from the floatplane platform.

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